Wednesday, July 29, 2009


its hurt to be invisible - as if ur not even exist. its hurt to be bear wit it, even tho u know u aint got no space, no rite to say a thang about it. and all u can do is - to keep mum about it. i dun know how to put dis alrite. or may be i shldnt, at all. but theres a feelin in me - its like hitting my chest crib to get the hell out of me. i aint good in keep thgs, hoping it'd go wit the wind jst like dat.. but then - i am not in the stance dat i can talk about thgs, jst like dat. so i prefer to write. for i din see any other choice, to let thgs out.

i will be ok. i know i will. its a matter of time. jst dat - for time bein.. i feel kinda hurt. and it makes me doubt about thgs.