Sunday, July 12, 2009

a great weekend!

hit MuMuLand around 10.30pm, initially infront of the idiotbox. crawled upstairs at 2am, it was a heavy downpour still - out there. it was a great crashin, indeed. cold, windy, tiredness and empty-headed all in one makes my travellin in MuMu damn easy, alrite.

woke up at 8am - i was supposed to be in Padang Polo to help coupla frens handlin the mass-aerobic, but it was rainin. thank God for dat, aku malas sebenarnya.. tp deep down - how it'd be great it i cld sweat a bit there - aerobic and jog; since dah few days aku didnt do any physical activities.. heh - ptg ni kena pi gym la.

at 11am dis morn., aku hav to be there in Kg Sg Rokam - another community activity there, aku involved wit dis health programme. hope thgs gonna be fine.

wanted to write more. but bein in boxer, tak mandi lagik.. heh, malas la.

hav a great weekend, ya.

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