Saturday, July 18, 2009


sleepless on Sat nite..

i was doin the golek-ing infront of the idiotbox, hoping i'll hit the MuMu at the mean time. but i wasnt. i walked upstairs, staring at the bed - i wanted to hit the sack real bad for i am feelin kinda tired myself - it was like the body is screamin for a break, while the brain keep on telling 'hell no!'. so ere i am, online for a while - browsing FB like an idiot, on YM! as if there'll be someone there. tot of talkin to Kak Yang - only to find dat she's alrdy on her Europe Tour for 2wks in a row - wit her family and frens.. erm..

no news for today. i am kinda get used to it - but lately, it hits me alrite. i din hope much. i hav no expectation nowadays. jst dat - once in a while.. u know wat i mean. i am feelin like a fool. dis kinda life in circle - ur goin thru it again and again - u never learn a thang. ppl out there r havin time of their lives, enjoyin exploring life as it is - and ere i am trapped in own shait. and no one cares, alrite.

Penang called. gotta be there in a week for the result. i aint sure if i got time for it. i am damn eager for Redang trip. its been yrs since i last been there. and i am goin to make a return alrite. i remember i'd be there like every 6mths when i had my fellow fren Shamsuri workin there in its Klinik Kesihatan there.. i love Redang more than Perhentian. and the Marine Park - damn, beyond words! and yeah - i am heading for Cameron trow early morn. thinkin of catchin the pasar borong there in Brinchang. wld be great, i think.

think i shld be tryin hittin the MuMuLand, again. gnite.


solo molo said...

nite2.. (^^)

**miss u**

Chen said...

too much idiotbox will make people idiots, so better avoid it like the plague!