Friday, July 17, 2009

fry-day, at last!

the truth is - i am still craving for a bit more sleepin. aku woke up at 5.30am wit the feelin mcm malas sgt nak bangun, and the alarm started to annoy me alrite. may be kurang rehat la kot, lately. semlm - done wit the orientation around 5pm - aku terus ke gym for an hr, jog after dat and surau since ada kuliah wit the stdnts. aku remember havin my body in the surau yet literally i was somewhere else. heh. and the ustaz was like.. aiyo, very the conventional one. bukan aku je.. aku tgk stdnts pun giler2 tersenggok. done wit it - Ajak and few frens ajak pi tea-tarik plak.. w'pun aku mls.. tp aku jst joined for the sake of it.. balik je around 11pm - aku terus bungkang..

btw - hal bilik aku dah settle. new responsibilities, of coz. heh - layan je larr!! and btw - these r some of the pics - ntgh to much ado pun. but i am glad finally bilik aku kemas, jst the way aku want it to be.. so no more rasa mcm nak keriaww each time aku look out for smthg.. hehe

some of the stuffs..

pics and such.. aku shldve throw some of it - hate seein it, yet
again.. heh.

and indeed - i brought in Mr Chair too.. for aku syg arr kerusi neh..

and dis new room - aku hav like more furnitures, almari bagai..
best sgt tgk buku2 aku finally kemas teratur..

my private corner.. tmpt berfesbuking, updating blog.. haha..
and - heh, keje2 ofis jugak la!!

and my white board.. tak pernah dlm idup aku really utilize the white board.
aku lagik prefer my diary then.. so aku pin-up all yg tak berkenaan dgn keje je kat situ..



:: NbC :: said...


need my help to organize ur desktop's wall..? :-P

jerry maguire, jr. said...

Pinkie - indeed. mls + tak cukup masa nak sort out.. hehe