Thursday, July 2, 2009


theres 2 thgs in life; u go wit the flows bring u, or u go against the flows - and see wat life brings u. it dpnds on how u want yr life to be. and it dpnds on how strong ur in life. and yeah - it dpnds on wat u want in life, too.. as for me, i aint dat strong. i am strong alrite - but at time being, i do believe i am kinda vulnerable, fuck shait. dis coupla days really hit me. i was happy and sad at the same time. i am confused of wat life brings me. the uncertainty. expctation - i aint got any, but still hurt me like shait.

for the first time in life - i stand my own ground, and be my own f*ckin self. at least I know wats my stance is. God to hell if i kept on tellin all dis while - dat i knew my stance damn too well, coz the fact is - i am not, God sake. i was damn fuckin blind, alrite. i am tired of bein wat ppl wants me to be. i am tired of bein wat i am not. yet i am scared. wat if i hurt someone's feelin? and wat about my own fuckin feelin?

God, dis aint a good day for me. indeed.. heh.

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