Saturday, July 11, 2009

dinner time!

Reached Ipoh in a heavy downpour arnd 5pm. Aku was tired, mentally and physically. Aku took all my bags, my thang to the corner of the house, changed myslf into a towel and off to the MuMuLand. 6.30pm aku tsedar, Asar blum lagi - so aku kelam kabut, again. Heh. After Magrib, aku lapar. Penuh la perot aku dgn jeruk, kiwi - tp aku craving for more. So ere i am, in OldTown Cafe in Medan Gopeng.. Laksa asam, garlic bread, blackcurrant smoothies my fav. Enuff la for the nite. S'one told me i aint dat mok mok.. I was like, 'yayy!!'. Can eat more, eh? Haha.. Overall, i had a great day. I shall thank God for it. And i shall thank those ppls who put a smile on my face, too. Kiwi, training, chocs. Wow..

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