Sunday, July 5, 2009

depressed, no.

Some ppl said my blog sounds pretty depressing lately. The entries. The color. I gez nthg wrong by sayin dat. Well, i aint sure of wat i shld say, coz its so subjective. I knw, for those who never knw me well, never meet me in person - dis is the 'place' for u to 'knw' me alrite. And yeah, i rmbr s'one told me - better off write smthg 'proper' coz ppls r readin, or in a way - judgin me. I wont go against it, for in a sense, it do make sense yeah. But then again, it dpnds on u urslf, i thk. I can go and write about my vacations, trips i went around or fancy foods i'm having.. Or movies i watched. Or anythg at all arnd me - for i knw i am capable to do dat as well. But then, i prefer to write about my feelings, my tots, my anger my confusion for i knw my inability to say it out loud yet i can put and spell em better in words.. Again, reading all the thgs ìn ere doesnt mean u can come up wit conclusion and make up sort of assumption about me. I aint tellin all, of coz. I aint tell all God sake. Unless if i am able to keep myslf to be anonymous, dats sthg else.. So, i aint depressed. I aint a freakin shrink who's deep stick in shait all of his life. Jst dat - stimes in life, we r walkin thru the path we've been before - and flashin of memories playin rite infrnt of u and u jst cant help it alrite. U turn arnd to share it well, u din find any. U feel its like bottling up in u and u gotta let go. And for me, i do my vent in ere. In dis blog of mine. Again, if u ask me how it makes me feel - well, i am doin ok. Better. And dats for sure. And again, i gez dats all dat matters..


Mr. Firdaus said...

just be urself sir.
u r the man!

jerry maguire, jr. said...

erk - thanks Daus. hehe