Saturday, July 4, 2009

cuppies made my day.

i was dead sleepin by the time Zaama called - she's on her way, wanted to confirm the whereabout of where i am stayin. i was in deep sleepin dat tak sempat mandi pun - cuci2 mata, cuci muka, changed and off aku turun for i believe Zaama alrdy there. and yeah - she was sittin rite at the enterence. a nice gal indeed - never meet her up before, but somebdy kept on tellin dat she's a nice gal. chatted for a while, and off she handed me the 'thang'. i was so like - happy, i wanna jump but it aint rite. i was mcm ter'kusima' dat i forgot to ask her for a drink, for i did remember she did ask me 'u dah mkn ke?' and i was like 'dah tadik'.. aiyoo.. wat a man! Zaama - sorry eh. next time. haha

gez wat i got? the below - jst look at it. wldnt dat make ur silly day, better than anytgh at all? wah!! suddenly i dun really feel like goin to Subway bagai. huhu

blom bukak. in the box.
aku was like 'whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaa'

taraaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.. dah bukak.
see it for yrself. and eat yr heart, OUT! yayy.

Owh My Freakin God!!

Owh My Freakin God (times 2)

yeah - by the the time i wrote dis - 5 cuppies dah
lenyap into the tummy.
wanna join? join my arse. huhu

p/s; Thanks, Pinkie.


Josh said...

From Pinky???? Fuyooooo.... jeles jeles... :-P

Psst, tak baik makan sorang-sorang. hahahaha

:: NbC :: said...


my pleasure.