Sunday, July 19, 2009

Cameron Highland, revisits.

out of nthg to do - me and the whole family decided to take a ride, went up there to Cameron Highland. 2 cars, 6pax. it took around 2hrs to get everybdy into the car and hit the road. aiyooo! by the time we were on the road - dah around 11am dah pun.. but thank God - the cuaca was pretty good - kinda not dat panas, and tak ujan pun.. despite of havin dis constant headache for days now - i was glad i managed to drive smoothly up there, painkillers do the trick alrite. i am glad seein happy faces around me - its been quite some time since i had dis family jalan ramai2 kinda thang.. i happy for they did enjoy emselves well. and i'm happy for i managed to make dis up, after coupla times bertangguh2.. supposed we put up a nite up there, tp since msg2 ada hal - we ended doin a day trip je..

dis time around - it aint for tea & scones, thang - the mission was simple; i wanna hav strawberries for dinner, dip in my Avocado honey.. lama dah tak mkn mcm tu - i nearly forget how it taste, alrite. jst had like 20 of em all wit the honey - aku rasa happy sgt. i wont ask for more, trust me. and yeah - i wanted to get Damia her strawberry umbrella, bag and such.. and snapping pics, too. i had so many beautiful, great memories up there - and i am leavin one, too - today. dis time around wit ppl who loves me wit no conditions at all, wit ppl who cares for me around the clock.. i remember staring at mak when she meticulously pilih all those jagung smpai nak gado2 dgn nyonya yg menjual. i smiled to myself, dat was so typical my mum for ages.. and i remember lookin at dad - he was a bit of tiring alrite - he jst wanted to be done wit all those shoppin, rite away.. and i remember seein the monsters - running around, wit no further thinkin, wit no worry of any consequences.

i am blessed. if theres anyone out there keep on sayin i aint got life - well, excuse me - i am sorry, for i do hav one. and i am gonna make sure, from now on - every single minute of it, i mean - every fuckin single minute of it - wld be a worth livin.

i am sorry - i din bring my camera, for God sake. so i am using my hp's camera - resulting the quality not really up to wat i expected. but i do hope u like em, all. and i am sorry too - for not bein nice dis time around, pretty darn tired of givin all the pics some captions. y dun u let ur own thinkin, do the work, aye?

enjoy the seein, as much as i do.


solo molo said...

cameron mmg best...

Amazingly Azlynn said...

shahe : hey, i'm happy that u had a great time up there wit ur family..:)
avocado honey? rasa camne tu? sedap ke?