Tuesday, July 7, 2009


finally - i am home, head dtr8 to the shower - dammit, i never feel so damn fresh like dis, before. by the time je aku smpai rumah from the workshop - theres a heavy downpour. it makes me fikir balik sama ada or not to go out for dinner - coz initially, dats the plan. but now - i think i shld switch to plan B la kot - cook somethg lite, simple, fast yet tasty. heh. Maggi Goreng. amcm? lama tak mkn Maggi goreng neh.. think dats wat i am gonna do, after magrib.

kinda hectic day. but not as bad as semlm la.. i still can breathe in between. 4 hrs or classes today - Rawatan pesakit Psikiatri - Bentuk Fizikal wit the senior in didactic (K23) and Intro to Psikology (part 2) for the juniors. fraknly speakin - aku did enjoy teachin the seniors - budak2 K23 neh (attention Mr Firdaus! haha).. they never failed to pay attention on each of my classes. mmg la ada yg ada dua tiga ekor yg mata makin kecik.. kecik.. kecik.. tp - standard la - student. aku dulu pun mcm tu jugak.. siap guling terus kat kerusi baris belakang! huhu.. and for the juniors - so so lah. i think they r still in the process of adapting, adopting thgs well la kot. by 3pm aku alrdy left the building - for gym and jog. i love my new gym. its new. funky. byk equipments and such. and yeah - no more jamal Abdillah, God sake.

theres sort of numb in me. i think i did somethg yg i am not sure of rite or not. i know - it aint wrong, God sake. used to do it for so many times - it aint bothers me. but lately.. i aint sure of it. semlm - i went thru it alrite in my lappy - and it left sort of numbness in me, kinda restless i dun know how to describe. i hardly contained it - i let it out.. suddenly i feel kinda sad and all. never like dis before - i am so scared if thgs changed. i dun know. i jst dun know.

i jst need somethg convincing. i think.

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azab75 said...

wah.. u can cook meh..?? sedap ker? no wonder ur still single. who need wife if u can cook urself.. hehehe.. but then again my wife don't cook either.. why am i married?? Mmm...