Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Akbar - Happy Bird-Day!!

dis is for u, Mr Zainol Akbar.. i know dis is way too early - for d-day is trow. but then - y shld i giv it a flyin fcuk? kan? haha.. theres nothg wrong, rite? and yeah - theres nthg wrong to be the first either. jst in case, too. jst in case dat i mght havin slip of the tot and terlupa esok!!

Akbar - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! its gonna be the 31st, for u, aye? well - i gez life has jst beginnin for u. not dat i say dat i've been thru a lot (or - tua lagik), but then.. wat am i tryin to tell is - ur havin a lot more to go.. miles to go - dats the precise phrase for u, i think. ur gonna go thru a lot more - ups and downs, good and bad - but lets pray for the good thang indeed. i wish u all the very best, all the good thgs, for sure. i know dis might sounds damn cliche - but wldnt it nice to hav dis - once a year?

all the best, Akbar. ur young. ur energetic. ur lucky for ur havin most of the thang in life for ppl like me - yet to hold. but u did! go for all those nice thgs in life, go catch ur dreams. go do wat u feel like doin, while ur still be able of doin it alrite.

i am sorry for i cant be able to see u and wish u dis - face to face.. but as ppl said - half a loaf is better than none, eh? hehe

the original pose.

huh? the same eh?

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