Tuesday, July 21, 2009

6 - 4 = 2hrs to go!

done wit 4hrs of classes jst now. 8 to 10am, 10.30am till 12.30pm. and now its the time for me to take a breath, a break, hav some drink and rehydrate myself. ia m so like aerophagia - ckp byk, byk telan air and kembong prot. bley?

got another 2hrs to be done - and off aku can do my own thang.. think of leaving the buildin at 4pm so i can spend a lil bit more time in the gym.. and kalo no treadmill - i'll do the conventional jog then.

while updating dis blog - at dis moment of time - i am muchin a bit of kueh yg aku beli pagi tadi, wit a mug of Nescafe yg aku bancuh sendiri kat pantry tadik.. and i am goin thru my Canon Power Shot nyer manual. dammit - i shldve been readin all dis by the time aku beli dis camera like a year back! byk mender yg aku tak tau, or aku cldnt care-less to know pun. but since semlm - aku dah belajar a bit of ere and there regarding camera - the function of wat is dis wat is dat kinda thang.. aku jst cant wait for another coming soon nye class.

aku dah settled anta borang cuti for next Monday. boss signed it wit a bit of smile on his face, 'why ur takin off-day on monday? hate-Monday-syndrome?' and aku was like 'heh, yeah..' sambil gelak2. safe my day - tak pyh aku nak explain all the unnecessary thang.

me, today.. 'sir, looked like katak pisang' as one of the
stdnt said. sah2 la aku charot balik. heh!


@xiM said...

errr..apa kaitan katak pisang ngan gambar di atas??

konpius jap..:p

RIZAL said...

nk kne ajar ke cara2 gune.
hahhaaa.. sure ley blaja sndrik..

jerry maguire, jr. said...

axim - sebab i was in green la kot..

rizal - heh, ajar la.. wat tuisen eh?