Friday, July 31, 2009


got a missed call from a number i never had before. gav it a called back - and it was from Penang. they told me dat they'd call me back. after waited for about 30mins., they did.

as expected. i dun hav any expectation. neither hope nowadays. i jst go wit watever it brings. and dats about it. gotta be in Penang ASAP, as told. i aint sure when or how. i hate dis, but i gotta go thru dis. or may be..

its gonna a be long way for me. or perhaps - its about choices.

i dun know.. *sigh*

life is..

theres so many thgs goin on lately. i learnt a lot. really. dun blame me - for dats life is, as it is. lthey say ife is a learnin process. and i believe in it darn pretty well - for in a way or another - we r learnin so many new thgs every single days, all along. we learn about others, we learn about our own self, we learn about whole life. theres so many thgs to discover - theres need not to look back and grief, theres no need to finger the others if life aint be the way u wanna be. it is sad dat somehow - only now dat i know how life wld be great if u cherish the past, treasured it as well - yet look up to the days dat r comin wit full of anticipation. it mght sound fuckin cliche - but dats the fact. i've been spendin so much time wasted - wit shait and all, again and again around the circle - and its about time to think about my own self, the time left for me and such.

i dun know how u'd take dis - but i jst enrolled kelas berenang semlm. funny, aye? dun be. coz its in my to-do list, God sake! i am done wit Redang, i am undergoin the photography classes (and i do think i am improving well, yeah - wit a cheap simple camera). and i wanted to be done wit dis thang - at least getting the chance to hav dis feelin of floating and dealin wit pool, river, sea and such well - for i jst love em all, God sake. aku amek short coz for 2 wks - the instructor said by end of 2 wks, at least - at least, i'll be ok wit the basics. and its gonna be like 3times a weeks. heh - matilemelks.. kelas photography 2times a week. wldnt dat makes me like.. erk, an MB? haha

will be in Zoo Taiping for an event there dis coming Saturday. animals = more photos, i think. Sunday - health talk. next Saturday - a community service wit NGO around town. and may be aku will be doin a blaik kampung next Sunday. miss my mum/dad. miss mum's cookin. nasik lemak and such.

and i am thinkin of Fraser, lately. i wanted to go there before Ramadan. but then, time's flyin darn fast. i jst hope i can fix coupla days in between and go there, for another short-break. i've never been there. and i wanna be there.

sometimes - u'd feel blessed for all shait thrown to u for it'd make u wiser. and u'd grateful then at least life wld be dat way - no matter wat ppl may say - ur glad u've been thru shait dat others never been thru. ppl will talk. ppl will label u, alrite. for they never been in ur shoes - they'll feel superior alrite. the fact is - they din know a single shait.

life's short. jst live life. before life, leaves u.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


its hurt to be invisible - as if ur not even exist. its hurt to be bear wit it, even tho u know u aint got no space, no rite to say a thang about it. and all u can do is - to keep mum about it. i dun know how to put dis alrite. or may be i shldnt, at all. but theres a feelin in me - its like hitting my chest crib to get the hell out of me. i aint good in keep thgs, hoping it'd go wit the wind jst like dat.. but then - i am not in the stance dat i can talk about thgs, jst like dat. so i prefer to write. for i din see any other choice, to let thgs out.

i will be ok. i know i will. its a matter of time. jst dat - for time bein.. i feel kinda hurt. and it makes me doubt about thgs.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

the beach, still..

Beautiful sun, the beach, the sun, no ppl around, breath-taking sceneries. Damn. I got nthg to wish for.. For the first time around, the lappy is exactly where it was by the time aku reached in ere - and i aint got no urge to on it, and get drifted online..

2nd day..

Aint no sunshine. Woke up at 7am, no so called sunrise. But a beautiful sea, beach and all. We r heading for Marine Park at 10am. Cant wait. Been the ages bck, and i am makin a re-visit, today.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Kuala Terengganu..

Reached KT at 5am, pretty drowsy still. Pakcik Husin, the van driver was alrdy otw by the time kitorg smpai.. Siap2 Subuh - the surau kat Perhentian MPKT kinda 'kotor', frankly speaking. Stuffy air, too.. Having nasik dagang now, kat Warung Nasi Dagang Che We. Meh mkn!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Ipoh - KL

To KL now. Not much thang dat i can do, except mp4 in both ears, handphone in my hand. I used to rcved msges like so many of em last time, esp when i am headin off for KL. Now, i aint. Heh, it doesnt mean dat i am cravin for some. Its the sudden changes hit my like shait. Erm, there i go again, aye. Silly billy. I keep on swearin to myslf for not bringin some materials to read. Bosan weh! *yawn*


finally i am done wit the packing. at the final moment. balik je Jumaat aku terus mandi, keluar back yg non-Samsonite tu and terus packing2 pe patot.. tak bwk byk pun - mostly suar 3/4, singlets and shirts, baju utk salin2 sket.. and dats it. yeah sunblock of coz. selipar jepun. and such.. 30mins from now - i'll be in Medna Gopeng for KL, and KL for KT. then KT to Merang, Merang to Redang. wahhh!!

see u around then.



sunset in Redang.

alrdy at work. i am havin 3hrs of teaching today - 2hrs of Human Behavior for the juniors and an hr on Drug Addiction for the seniors. i jst wanna finish the hrs off before i off home - aku belum packing pe2 pun, basically!!

eager for the trip. its been a while aku hav sort break. and i know - dis is gonna be great, tho deep down - dis is so different - not like before. but life is running short, time is on the run. i cant jst sit and feelin bad for myself.

i am bringin my Maxis Berokband - hoping there'll be a coverage up down there - since Art said so! Art - kalo tak der coverage.. pohon chendana la ko! haha

hav a great weekend, fellas!

Thursday, July 23, 2009


And Pangkor, real soon. Nice cuaca. Parked the car at the parking b'tingkat, exactly kat tmpt yg aku pernah park dulu.. like 8mths bck. Co-incidence? Nah, i aint kinda man who believe in dat. Fate? I dun knw. Drove thru Seri Manjung tdi, aku mcm tersedar jap.. its been a while since aku last drive thru dat town. Most of the time aku try not to. For i dun see any reason y shld i. Jst dat theres thgs in ur life yg u refused to go thru again, let alone anythg at all yg cld trigger ur previous memories, doin the so-called 're-visit' to the lane u've been thru before. The shait and such. But the memories - dats the only thang i treasured. In the ferry now. Aku decided to stay kat atas since feri ni 2 tgkt. Ada small deck kat blkg neh, nanti bley la snap2 amek pic. Itu pun kalo rajin. Heh.

PKD Manjung.

My second stop. Shldnt hav to, tp Apiz mtk tlg seeing dis Puan Norhayati, Peg Farmasi sini to discuss on thgs rgrdg Jogathon Day dis wkend. Nthg to do wit me pun. And i aint participate either. Redang, rmbr? Stumbled into dis Sister plak. Aku used to work wit her yrs bck. Dah sangkut nyembang2 plak. Heh. Erk, bekpes. Blum! Adoi.

Ayer Tawar.

First stop. 8.05am aku dah tercegat dpn klinik. Kelam kabut jap staf, for they must be thkg 'sape plak neh, in batik!'. Aku sengih2 je la, 8.10am bru nak bukak klinik bagai. Heh, aku dtg nak tgk2 stdnt2 aku je, so yg lain2 mls aku nak amek port pun. As expected, bdk2 ni terkejut jap tgk aku dtg awal.. And thank God la since dorg punctual. Kalo tidak.. After did some bed-side teaching, discussing about a bit of history taking of the patients for health setting, aku blah. Malas la nak lepak lama2. In fact, Pangkor plak after neh. Heh.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


reached home from dinning out at 9.30pm. i still hav like tonnes of works yg aku bawak balik wit the tot of trying to finish em all - or, perhaps.. if its aint gonna be 'all' pun, a bit pun dah ok. tapi now - i dun really feel like touchin any of em, pun. aku jst bukak beg keje aku.. tgk jadual for trow, list of stdnts for clinical teaching trow.. and dats it.

so trow - its gonna be a long day for me.. damn - wat a week. heading for clinical visits trow - KK Ayer Tawar and KK Pulau Pangkor. Pangkor? argkhhh.. its gonna taxing my time definitely. and i gotta schedule my travelling well, or else trow.. mlm la smpai rumah. and yeah - aku pe pun tak packin lagik for Redang neh.

think i am gonna hit my sack rite away after dis.. mengantok, penat. malas.

and yeah - i started to hate my handphone alrite. for one reason. i wish i know why. and i wish it'd be better than jst one lame typical kiasu reason.



Its tiring day. Hectic, in fact. I had 2hrs of teaching of Drug Abuse and Dependence in the morning. I tot dats it. But it wasnt. Aku baru teringat yg BPL is coming down for all dis bloody die-die ISO thang yg aku benci sgt. Theres so many thgs yg aku dah buat, tp mcm half-baked, ada yg tak siap, ada yg dah siap tp filing tak btol. Argkh, i hate dis kinda thang. At 3.30pm aku dah off leaving the building to the gym, do my thang and at 5.30pm aku spent time jog skejap. By 7pm aku dah home - physically and mentally tired. And dammit, aku lapar too. Think of having KFC la mlm ni, really.. Been having the urge dr pagi tadi lagi. And yeah, dats wat i am gonna hav, tnite.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

6 - 4 = 2hrs to go!

done wit 4hrs of classes jst now. 8 to 10am, 10.30am till 12.30pm. and now its the time for me to take a breath, a break, hav some drink and rehydrate myself. ia m so like aerophagia - ckp byk, byk telan air and kembong prot. bley?

got another 2hrs to be done - and off aku can do my own thang.. think of leaving the buildin at 4pm so i can spend a lil bit more time in the gym.. and kalo no treadmill - i'll do the conventional jog then.

while updating dis blog - at dis moment of time - i am muchin a bit of kueh yg aku beli pagi tadi, wit a mug of Nescafe yg aku bancuh sendiri kat pantry tadik.. and i am goin thru my Canon Power Shot nyer manual. dammit - i shldve been readin all dis by the time aku beli dis camera like a year back! byk mender yg aku tak tau, or aku cldnt care-less to know pun. but since semlm - aku dah belajar a bit of ere and there regarding camera - the function of wat is dis wat is dat kinda thang.. aku jst cant wait for another coming soon nye class.

aku dah settled anta borang cuti for next Monday. boss signed it wit a bit of smile on his face, 'why ur takin off-day on monday? hate-Monday-syndrome?' and aku was like 'heh, yeah..' sambil gelak2. safe my day - tak pyh aku nak explain all the unnecessary thang.

me, today.. 'sir, looked like katak pisang' as one of the
stdnt said. sah2 la aku charot balik. heh!


BEP E.N.D rocks!

i gez finally i figured out who on earth yg bagi aku dis Black Eyed Peas - E.N.D album, semlm. it was one of the stdnt - a gal, i think - i yet to know the name, which group etc. but basically - i think i know lah. heh. lot of great tracks alrite.. best kalo aku transfer into my mp4 for jog and gym. for whoever ur - gal, thanks! u've made my day.

it takes me like 20mins or so to get the hell out of the bed, jst now. i gez dats it la - the pain started to be a bit unbearable nowadays. i feel easily feel nauseated, each time. but the best part is (still) - i aint havin dis like everyday, cuma kdg2 je.. esp wit vigorous sudden movement and such.

6hrs of teaching today. hell shait, yeah. 4jam pun dah hilang suara.. haha.. i hope thgs gonna be jst fine, for the whole day - today. somehow or rather - i am putting all shait beside - and tryin to be focus. heh - weekend is coming, anyway.

hav a great day, fellas! and remember - smile yr shait out.

Monday, July 20, 2009

as yet..

and before i off dis lappy and sneak under the sack - i wanna let u know dat i am happy dat finally i cld sneak in, squeeze in some time for the photography thang. it wont make sense for u, it wldnt be a biggie for u - may be. but as for me - wit dis kinda time i hav, i am glad i can fit myself doin wat i wanted to do all dis while.. dslr, soon alrite.

i smiled to myself lookin at the list i've made wit thgs i wanna do, on it. shait - i shldve been doin all dis before. i wasted time like shait, really.

and gez wat on - among the list? Cupcake Chic @ The Curve..

gnite. again.

photography. gnite.

despite of mentally fatigue and a feelin disappointment filling me in like shait - aku gagah jugak la balik at 6pm - skippin my daily dose of gym and jog - head home terus. at 7.30pm - aku had another class to go on wit; dis time around i aint doin the teachin, but i sat at the back - doin the learnin thang. i love the class alrite - tho after about 45mins and so.. aku started berFaceBookin every now and then. quite a number of us all - bois and gals - and i was the 'youngest'! damn. and gez wats the other participant callin me? argkhh.. and gez wats the so-called cikgu yg ngajar panggil aku plak? another argkhhh.. and as expected - budak2 neh bwk pelbagai mak nenek nyer camera bagak2.. aku je bwk simple Canon PowerShot SX100 IS aku. haha.. kelakar. heh - its ok. nak belajar, rite? bukan sesi nak tyg saper bagak. after all yg bwk bagak2 tu pun - haram tau pe.. heh.

smpai rumah around 9.30pm. aku penat - mentally and physically. trow i am havin another like 6hrs of classes. argkhh.. yet - aku din go thru any of em all.

theres thgs dat still bothering me.. runnin around, marchin in my head. i wish i cld hold on to the faith dat i am havin. but then - ntah la. i still do hav the faith alrite.. cuma byk benda yg buat aku confuse.. 'u r not stupid, but u r too kind to let people make fool of u..' as someone told me. i dun know.

headin MuMuLand now. i am so damn tired.



..i stumbled into another shockin news. it tears me apart. i jst dun know wat to believe in. or who to believe in. it hurts me alrite. ppl can convinced u wit all sweet words, u think its alrite - u hav faith, and suddenly time like dis - ur darn confused not knowin wat to believe in.

i shall go wit the flow. lie if u hav to. lie if u must. but at the end - i know Allah will show the way.

dammit - i feel so fuck-up!


had a great nice of 3hrs class in a row jst now. the topic was pretty darn heavy - and early in the morn., Monday mornin some more. i was thinkin i'll be on a hot pan - but thank God thgs turned out to be nice. cracked coupla joke, linked wit the topic, make em clearly seen the point.. and the rest wld go on, smoothly - i think. rasa puas ati sgt by the time ur done wit the teachin, u cld see em all seein at u, not blinkin - wit no-blur kinda face. and trow - lagik heavy.. 6hrs. heh.

aku nyer first class of photography start tonite. 2jam.. i told the guy yg run the class dat i dun hav any big2 dslr or somethg like dat - thank God he said', 'heh, tak pe.. bwk je kamera pe2 yg u ada..'. finally - one of the thgs yg aku nak sgt do dlm idup aku all dis while - comes to reality. aku really hope i hav enuff time to finish the course up.. and kalo ada rezeki murah, pjg umur and such - i'll get myself a dslr la, tgk mcmaner.. dslr - is one of those thgs yg i wanted to hav. kalo ada one - God, i wldnt go askin for anythg at all..

another thg yg aku nak sgt buat/take up - is swimming class. jgn gelak - dats my lackin. aku mmg tak tau berenang. sengal sgt. i wish i cld learn all dis eversince aku kecik2 lagik.. i do hav the chance - yet again, i din see the point of y shld i, i din see the consequences if i dun. heh. nyesal lah.. and aku too - wld like to.. byk la. aku dah siap list pun. kelakar eh? poyo sgt.

and i want to travel more..after Redang - aku harap dpt pi Fraser. and harap2 before Ramadhan la.. never been there all my life. i love bein in the highlands, beaches. and Fraser is one of the place yg dah lama sgt aku nak pi, tp tak sempat2.. i dun mind of goin there alone pun - long as i gotta chance fulfilling it alrite - i gez dah cukup bagus. and go seeing my lovely sis in Leeds.. dat wld be great, aye?

the highlight of the week - Pulau Redang la, end of dis week of course. cant wait for it.. Marine Park, beautiful beach, great time off. i wanted to go places there where i've been before - dulu. and do thgs i did last time. mandi laut, candat sotong, mandi laut again.. tho aku tak tau berenang - which somehow makes me feel ralat sgt dis time around - tp tak pe la.. pelampong will always be there to do the trick, eh?

u know wat? if i ever get the chance of turnin the time back to where i wanted to - i definitely will be doin all those thgs i wanted to, all those thgs i hav to.. i wont be goin bertangguh2 in most of the thgs dat makes u rasa bersalah every now and then. but then again - ur aint God. u jst cant be doin dat alrite. aku tak nyesal.. cuma mcm rasa ralat sket je. aku shldve learn how to repair kete/moto sket2.. basic pun tak pe, aku shldve do sports even more - excel, i mean. i shldnt be go hangin the raket tenis up the wall like wat i did now - jst because injured sket je.. and now baru terhegeh2 nak cari raket tenis and such. i shld go for more tea tarik wit frens, and shopping even more..

and tak lupa to push the trolley back to where it belongs - rather then jst tolak letak belakang kereta org.. erm.


Sunday, July 19, 2009

Cameron Highland, revisits.

out of nthg to do - me and the whole family decided to take a ride, went up there to Cameron Highland. 2 cars, 6pax. it took around 2hrs to get everybdy into the car and hit the road. aiyooo! by the time we were on the road - dah around 11am dah pun.. but thank God - the cuaca was pretty good - kinda not dat panas, and tak ujan pun.. despite of havin dis constant headache for days now - i was glad i managed to drive smoothly up there, painkillers do the trick alrite. i am glad seein happy faces around me - its been quite some time since i had dis family jalan ramai2 kinda thang.. i happy for they did enjoy emselves well. and i'm happy for i managed to make dis up, after coupla times bertangguh2.. supposed we put up a nite up there, tp since msg2 ada hal - we ended doin a day trip je..

dis time around - it aint for tea & scones, thang - the mission was simple; i wanna hav strawberries for dinner, dip in my Avocado honey.. lama dah tak mkn mcm tu - i nearly forget how it taste, alrite. jst had like 20 of em all wit the honey - aku rasa happy sgt. i wont ask for more, trust me. and yeah - i wanted to get Damia her strawberry umbrella, bag and such.. and snapping pics, too. i had so many beautiful, great memories up there - and i am leavin one, too - today. dis time around wit ppl who loves me wit no conditions at all, wit ppl who cares for me around the clock.. i remember staring at mak when she meticulously pilih all those jagung smpai nak gado2 dgn nyonya yg menjual. i smiled to myself, dat was so typical my mum for ages.. and i remember lookin at dad - he was a bit of tiring alrite - he jst wanted to be done wit all those shoppin, rite away.. and i remember seein the monsters - running around, wit no further thinkin, wit no worry of any consequences.

i am blessed. if theres anyone out there keep on sayin i aint got life - well, excuse me - i am sorry, for i do hav one. and i am gonna make sure, from now on - every single minute of it, i mean - every fuckin single minute of it - wld be a worth livin.

i am sorry - i din bring my camera, for God sake. so i am using my hp's camera - resulting the quality not really up to wat i expected. but i do hope u like em, all. and i am sorry too - for not bein nice dis time around, pretty darn tired of givin all the pics some captions. y dun u let ur own thinkin, do the work, aye?

enjoy the seein, as much as i do.

Saturday, July 18, 2009


sleepless on Sat nite..

i was doin the golek-ing infront of the idiotbox, hoping i'll hit the MuMu at the mean time. but i wasnt. i walked upstairs, staring at the bed - i wanted to hit the sack real bad for i am feelin kinda tired myself - it was like the body is screamin for a break, while the brain keep on telling 'hell no!'. so ere i am, online for a while - browsing FB like an idiot, on YM! as if there'll be someone there. tot of talkin to Kak Yang - only to find dat she's alrdy on her Europe Tour for 2wks in a row - wit her family and frens.. erm..

no news for today. i am kinda get used to it - but lately, it hits me alrite. i din hope much. i hav no expectation nowadays. jst dat - once in a while.. u know wat i mean. i am feelin like a fool. dis kinda life in circle - ur goin thru it again and again - u never learn a thang. ppl out there r havin time of their lives, enjoyin exploring life as it is - and ere i am trapped in own shait. and no one cares, alrite.

Penang called. gotta be there in a week for the result. i aint sure if i got time for it. i am damn eager for Redang trip. its been yrs since i last been there. and i am goin to make a return alrite. i remember i'd be there like every 6mths when i had my fellow fren Shamsuri workin there in its Klinik Kesihatan there.. i love Redang more than Perhentian. and the Marine Park - damn, beyond words! and yeah - i am heading for Cameron trow early morn. thinkin of catchin the pasar borong there in Brinchang. wld be great, i think.

think i shld be tryin hittin the MuMuLand, again. gnite.


..for me for anthr haircut. Rambut dah start pnjg, i looked so unkempt. Wit the messy goatee, misai yg tak siap and such. I knw i can do dis well at home, but i refuse to take any risk of shaving my face, instead of the skin of my face. Lama la pulak kena tggu turn. Selalu nye dgn mamak neh, aku bley je potong q, tp not today since yg tggu sumer senior2, daddy2. Heh. Bosan la plak..

life is..

its been a while since aku really do the writing in ere. not dat i dun want to. i always do hav dis sort of ideas flowin in jst like dat - but the prob is - i wasnt infront of the lappy/pc at dat particular time, or worst to worst i dun hav anythg to jot down, too. usually i'll jot thgs down so dat i wont be forgetting a thang. and yeah - last week i was kinda occupied wit thgs, too.

lately - life, so unpredictable. theres so many thgs around me. i was shocked, i was blessed, i was happy and at the same time, i was confuse for wat it brings me. i gez life's like dat. u never know wat it is until u go down the lane, urself. suddenly i wish i cld be havin a bit more time - so i can finish thgs well, ended up havin thgs i wanted in life all dis while. so dat i cld see thgs i wanted to see and so much more. i know thgs gonna be jst fine as for me, as for ppl around me. but yet - i aint sure of it, really.

u agree wit it or not - ur so damn alone in dis life. alone in the sense of - u know ur havin lots of ppls around u - who claims to like u so damn much, who claims to be there when ur up or down, who says dat they love u damn freakin much. but then again - when suddenly ur realised ur in deep shait or when u do think u really do need someone in the sense of support and such - only then u knew dat all those thang r damn bloody illusion alrite. again - dats the fact of life, alrite. let me take the blame if ur not up to dis. or put it a blame on me sayin dat its my own fault - for bein damn in the closet, for not lettin others to really know me.

i think - thgs r not there for me to put much hope on, really. i started to feel dis is the time i shld givin up.

heh. dats so life, i gez.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Jakarta, again.

i was online when a fren of mine in Jakarta buzzed me sayin dat Jakarta under attacked, again. and it was sort of closed to his place! damn. theres bombs exploded at the Ritz-Carlton and Marriott hotels in there, where at least 4 dead.

kinda scary. and confused. wats wrong wit em all? wat r they tryin to prove?

fry-day, at last!

the truth is - i am still craving for a bit more sleepin. aku woke up at 5.30am wit the feelin mcm malas sgt nak bangun, and the alarm started to annoy me alrite. may be kurang rehat la kot, lately. semlm - done wit the orientation around 5pm - aku terus ke gym for an hr, jog after dat and surau since ada kuliah wit the stdnts. aku remember havin my body in the surau yet literally i was somewhere else. heh. and the ustaz was like.. aiyo, very the conventional one. bukan aku je.. aku tgk stdnts pun giler2 tersenggok. done wit it - Ajak and few frens ajak pi tea-tarik plak.. w'pun aku mls.. tp aku jst joined for the sake of it.. balik je around 11pm - aku terus bungkang..

btw - hal bilik aku dah settle. new responsibilities, of coz. heh - layan je larr!! and btw - these r some of the pics - ntgh to much ado pun. but i am glad finally bilik aku kemas, jst the way aku want it to be.. so no more rasa mcm nak keriaww each time aku look out for smthg.. hehe

some of the stuffs..

pics and such.. aku shldve throw some of it - hate seein it, yet
again.. heh.

and indeed - i brought in Mr Chair too.. for aku syg arr kerusi neh..

and dis new room - aku hav like more furnitures, almari bagai..
best sgt tgk buku2 aku finally kemas teratur..

my private corner.. tmpt berfesbuking, updating blog.. haha..
and - heh, keje2 ofis jugak la!!

and my white board.. tak pernah dlm idup aku really utilize the white board.
aku lagik prefer my diary then.. so aku pin-up all yg tak berkenaan dgn keje je kat situ..


Thursday, July 16, 2009


finally i am done wit the moving thgs around to the new room. a bit bigger, cooler, spacious alrite. seniors keep on teasing me - 'ko tak lama la duduk bilik ni Shah, peh ni PutraJaya la..' kinda thang. tp aku mls nak layan. masuk telinga kiri, kuar telinga kanan.. so - now, dah bley lepak2.. aku dah kemas dis room they way aku wanted it to be. biar org drop-jaw tgk bilik aku nanti.. and all the stuffs - gifts, toys, journals, research papers, notes yg aku tak pakai sgt - aku bungkus elok2 dlm kotak, put em aside.. and yeah - aku did throw some too. and aku got no choice pun. heh. aper pun - new room, new responsibility, new me. bley? huhu

bz day. despite aku ada kelas 2hrs at 2pm to 4pm nanti - Pengarah nak aku get involve wit dis orientation budak2 post-basic AEMTAC, PHC and Management - yg.. erk - sebaya2 aku, tua lagik dr aku pun ada. heh. hentam je lar bai.. bila lagik aku nak 'buli' dorang. wah! haha

gtg. will update more, soon.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


i hate doin dis - but it seems like i hav to. i gotta move to a new room - previously my senior's but now he's in KL, since being promoted. malas siot - nak pindah barang, being hot and sweating, nak kemas balik, all dis bloody stuffs dlm bilik aku neh.. aiyooo..

argkhhh.. mana my cleaner tak sampai2 lagik neh!

iPhone - shait.

heh. cant help myself.
i am dreamin about dis, all day long..

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


First meal wit rice after coupla days now. I dun feel like eating pun, jst dat i do thk i do need some carbo too, alrite. So ere i am, taking some effort drivin up ere to the cafè, alone. Ramai stdnts, its lunch break time. Nyesal plak dtg ni.. i was like kena senyum2, 'hi!' em back and such. Heh, its ok la kot. No biggie pun. Despite of havin a great 2hrs of teaching early dis morning, i now feelìng kinda holed inside. I am still waiting, looking forward for sthg yg deep down, i aint sure if its goin to be, or not. Some sweet words, to be fulfill. Some kinda words yg smlm kept me smiling yet now, ì feel like an idiot bitch wit no pride, waiting like a sad moron.. I started to feel sad, for thgs r aint the same, anymore..


nah - it aint nbdy mistakes. may be i am too 'get carried away'. but then - why do u hav to do dis to me early in morn? if ur damn good enuff, smart enuff - get the hell outta ere and mind yr biz.

i jst feel like doin some killin spree, now.


Monday, July 13, 2009

koir thingy..

I am tired actually. Gym, jog, classes et al. But Daus called me to come to the kolej and see the boys praktis the koir utk konvo nxt month. Aiyo, mls sgt. Tp dah tggungjwb, nak wat cemaneh..

Monday yayyy!

i am having like 3hrs for Psychology - Human Development ; Womb to Tomb wit the basic stdnts today. and gez wat - i am in pink. it aint dat big deal alrite. its jst a color. so theres no much ado, in fact.

gotta catch some breakfast - before the Monday blues catch me. heh.

Sunday, July 12, 2009


I am set to go. I am gonna be a strong, sexy guy trow. Most gals love pink. And for guys, its an absurd. Pink is a taboo for guys. But then, its jst a colour, rite? I rmbr Uncle said to me in FB - only those guys wit guts, sexy and confident will hav one, on. Haha.. Wait a sec., i dun thk i am one la kot. But like i care! I aint a pussy. I got guts. Pink is jst a colour, kan? And hell yeah, i am gonna get it pressed and i am gonna put it on, walk wit head held high. Dah lama i hav dis, i shldve wear it earlier pun. Bukan takut, coward or such. It jst dat.. erk, well Soleh tak de.. so its tough time for me coz - heh, ok - aku tak tau ikat tie actually. Kan! Laugh if u shld. But i jst dun knw how to tie one. Susah lar! Byk kali bljr, tak dpt2. So dats it, byk lagi benda lain aku bley bljr. Hehe.. But then, dats not the issue. I am gonna be pink trow.. 'welcome to the Pink Sister' tiber2. Heh. Ask Shah. He knows about dat.

icecream time!

Rcved dis from Mr Ismail, he said he snapped dis during Pangkor time, coupla wks back. I rmbr havin Connetto by the road side (sthg i hardly do if i am in public) wit Ajak and Mie Ortho. We were killin time, chit chatting while havin the delicious, cranial crackin icecream time. Its beyond explaination, alrite. May be i shld get one after gym ptg ni, kot. Heh. Btw, try to spot me. Whch one? Erm, definitely bkn yg bju merah putih tu la, eh. Hehe.. Jgn marah, Ajak. Huhu


I decided not to back, as yet. Too early. For gym, for MuMu. So ere i am kat Giant, strolling arnd pushin the trolley wit no real item to get. Dah 20mins, the trolley still empty. I knw dis is dangerous, for i tend to buy thgs i dun really need. May be i shld jst push bck the trolley to where it belongs and walk out of ere.. Heg.


Nape Maksuri? Ais Biru? Apetheww? Maksuri as a brand? Mak kpd Suri kah? Or makcik Suri? Suri aper? Surirmh tangga? Nape x cri nama komersial sket? Makko ke, MakAjak ke, MakBritney ke.. Heh. Din they knw branding is important too, kalo nak tarik customer? Heh.

a great weekend!

hit MuMuLand around 10.30pm, initially infront of the idiotbox. crawled upstairs at 2am, it was a heavy downpour still - out there. it was a great crashin, indeed. cold, windy, tiredness and empty-headed all in one makes my travellin in MuMu damn easy, alrite.

woke up at 8am - i was supposed to be in Padang Polo to help coupla frens handlin the mass-aerobic, but it was rainin. thank God for dat, aku malas sebenarnya.. tp deep down - how it'd be great it i cld sweat a bit there - aerobic and jog; since dah few days aku didnt do any physical activities.. heh - ptg ni kena pi gym la.

at 11am dis morn., aku hav to be there in Kg Sg Rokam - another community activity there, aku involved wit dis health programme. hope thgs gonna be fine.

wanted to write more. but bein in boxer, tak mandi lagik.. heh, malas la.

hav a great weekend, ya.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

dinner time!

Reached Ipoh in a heavy downpour arnd 5pm. Aku was tired, mentally and physically. Aku took all my bags, my thang to the corner of the house, changed myslf into a towel and off to the MuMuLand. 6.30pm aku tsedar, Asar blum lagi - so aku kelam kabut, again. Heh. After Magrib, aku lapar. Penuh la perot aku dgn jeruk, kiwi - tp aku craving for more. So ere i am, in OldTown Cafe in Medan Gopeng.. Laksa asam, garlic bread, blackcurrant smoothies my fav. Enuff la for the nite. S'one told me i aint dat mok mok.. I was like, 'yayy!!'. Can eat more, eh? Haha.. Overall, i had a great day. I shall thank God for it. And i shall thank those ppls who put a smile on my face, too. Kiwi, training, chocs. Wow..