Sunday, June 28, 2009


woke up at 6am, did my Subuh and only then aku remember there's a khidmat masyarakat somewhere around Ipoh i hav to attend today - and shld be givin a talk - somethg on healthy diet, if i am not mistaken. masyaAllah. nasib la aku ingat. went thru my organizer - i was rite.. there is! at 11am. regarding healthy diet - for the elderly. haruslah the audien nyer nanti pun makcik makcik pakcik pakcik.. heh. alhamdulillah - kalo aku luper.. mampos!

by 8am - the slides and materials done. tak susah. talk for the lay-man/community, i shld be down to the ground for their better understanding. need no all the jargons. watpe? i shall keep it as simple as it is - dats the main point.

i love doin dis. around wit the public. i used to work wit the public.. and i know how it feels. there was a time on my first posting - i was there kat kampung ulu sesgt.. but i managed to stay there for the whole 4yrs, submit borang tukar coupla times; org kampung, ketua kg and such buat surat ke JKN mintak cancel pertukaran aku. tp sekali je la.. lps tu - aku jumpak bos aku - watever it is, aku kena pindah jugak; for own future. kelakar.. but then - i do believe if u love ppl around u, definitely u'd be loved as well.

done wit dis - i'll be back home for sure. lunch out, MuMu a bit, gym again and i am goin out for beli barang2 dapur.. since sumer dah surut. i gez dats for the whole Sunday, today eh?

me, at one of the talk.. which one, aku tak ingat.

ari ni pakai batik je lar.. koser aku berblazer2.

muka pilu tatkala berucap.
bley? heh.


:: NbC :: said...


knowing u, i now u deserved to be loved by those ketua kg, JKK etc (wah..!)

psssst, gimme ur secretary's no - wanna invite u to give a talk to mak cik kiwis here, ;-)

Bluesinner said...

Heh, that last pic sure can't lie. Bored? Or Sleepy?

jerry maguire, jr. said...

Pinkie - i'll hav to charge if its for makcik pakcik Kiwis.. haha

Bluesinner - heh. where got one! haha

azab75 said...

next time talk bwk stool.. cian mak cik kat depan tu tak nampak.. hehehe.. larikk..!!

artisticklytouch said...

no need kotak bantu berdiri ke?

jerry maguire, jr. said...

Azman - kan! gampang sgt. hahaha

Art - sewdeh!