Saturday, June 27, 2009


late for Subuh - i am havin sort of aching all over the body. must be becoz of the gym semlm la kot.. its been a while since aku din hav any weight-lifting; eversince aku byk outstation neh.. and aku remember during the jog smlm - aku was actually mcm penat sgt - tp aku gigih jugak.. since aku dah stop jog lama - asyik treadmill sajork - aku rasa tak puas ati sgt.. target aku - before end of the yr; aku nak lose these love-handles, flatten down all the way dis tummy (w'pun tak ber-six pack pun, tak pe lah!), healthy BMI and gettin more fit for any occassion at all. erm - looks like its a long way to go.. but i've been there, so wat? heh. semangat tiber2.

was on idiotbox all nite - last nite. i was on MTV where they played all my all-time fav of MJ's before aku switched to Channel [v] for the same. kesian MJ - din get the chance to hav a proper childhood lead him into a chaotic adulthood. i gez dats wat life is - we hav to pay the price for a better one.

as for me - the whole week went well. but the other side of it - i am feelin kinda lonely. i mght put up smiling faces ere and there - deep down, God knows. not dat i 'choose to hurt myself' - i hav dignity. a pride to hold. jst dat - sometime in life; good thgs u stumbled into was not meant for u. was not supposed to be even urs.

tho u wish so damn hard for it, tho u prayin so damn hard on it.

i jst wish - life cld be more simple than it is.

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