Saturday, June 27, 2009

sunconscious mind.

i wanna share wit wat i've read today. think i am tryin to wiser today - and i gez i am. spent time at the gym, came back for lite dinner and did some readin while at the same time - i got my eyes on MTV MJ's all nite, again. owh - hold on. i did say i wanna share somethg on wat i've read today, rite? jst a bit of it..

"we are wat we are becoz we are wat we are; and we are wat we are becoz of the character of our accumulated consciousness, our mode of thinking.. ur a success or a failure very largely becoz of the character of yr tots.
if u think in terms of mediocrity, or constant fear, ur inevitably the victim of those negative tots. u cannot succeed.
if u think in terms of self-confidence, of determination, if u hav a wide vision, if u hav great interests, dat is the law. sooner or later we objectify in external manifestation dat which we store up within.."

i had a lot more to share. read dis book before. like twice. and i am doin it, again. i am not sure why - but i gez to find somethg in it. i gez when u said dat u knew urself very well, well i think - u surely not. theres so much more left in us - yet to be seen. yet to be understand. i myself sometimes dun really understand of my own self.. weird, alrite.

but wldnt dat makes u a human? heh.

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