Tuesday, June 30, 2009

seri kembangan

Early still. Lepak2 jap kdai mamak, its a place aku knew by heart. The environment, the whole thang indeed. Not many ppl, yet the traffic is building up. Its hurt to be bck in ere. A part of hate it well, but anther part of me - it makes me smiling for theres so many good thg surrounds me in ere.. I rmbr every each of it, in details. I rmbr the whole moment by heart. I gez theres nthg wrong to keep it fresh and sweet, there where it is in ur mind, rite? For in 6mths to come, i wont be coming around in ere, any longer..

1 comment:

~~ ms. libra ~~ said...

su sll mkn kat cni!!! :)