Saturday, June 20, 2009

sepetang in Pasir Bogak. heh.

i wanted to upload so may pics in ere - but dis broadband is treating me like freaking shait - the line is so freakin slow, and i cant seem to do much of the thg i wanna do. so - i gez i'll hav to upload em all some other time je lah.. and dat wld be givin me much more time and space to do all the editting and such.

came in back to the room pretty late - around midnite jst now - Husmin, Ajak, Mie and Hasri askin me to join em for ikan bakar and such - i jst gav it a shoot. lagipun aku lapar giler since lunch damn lite, dinner skipped. heh.

i am listening to Sarah McLachlan now - i know i've been listenin to her so much lately, but i jst cant help it. i remember ptg tadik - coupla frens askin me to join em for island hopping and aku got no reason left to use as an excuse - and i jst go then. i remember how it feels when the boat stopped at Teluk Nipah - seein the tali where i did my bergayut thang 6 monthas back, landed up at Coral Island - where i spent quite a long time there for so many pics taken and such.. *sigh*

i gez i am the only one dealin wit dis kinda thang. and its hurt me alrite.