Tuesday, June 23, 2009

running nose = hidung berlari2? heh.

slept like a baby last nice. the antihistamine i took for my runny nose really hit me like shait. 10.30pm - i alrdy in the MuMuLand. around 3am, aku terjaga - wit coupla missed calls, msges in the phone.. but then i was so drowsy dat aku mls sgt nak response to any.

will be leavin for PutraJaya today ptg. esok rehearsal, lusa the ceremony. dis is not the first time aku had dis kinda APC - so i gez theres nothg to be much ado off then.

i am doin much better now, thank God. kalo tak - kena rujuk pi spital la jwabnya. heh. tp mulut still rasa pahit, makan pe pun tak sedap..

theres a few changes around me dat started to notice darn well. yet aku try not to think about it damn much. i jst want thgs to be the way it is.


Amazingly Azlynn said...

nanti kan...bila org amik gambar masa APC, senyum manis2 + lebar2..
tapi, make sure hingus tuh kesat dulu...kang meleleh lak..

jerry maguire, jr. said...

Azlynn - kesat hingus dulu, eh? dgn ujung baju bley ek?