Thursday, June 18, 2009

Pangkor. again.

Pangkor, re-visit.

for the first around - i hate to tell dis i dun really feel like goin out of the office. and dis time around it s gonna be Pulau Pangkor. its a nice place alrite, its a place for a person like me - who r damn in love wit beaches and such. its not the works dat bother me much - i am gonna be there as a part of the team handlin the registration for the meeting and as on of the speaker, too. its the deja-vu thang dat i hate to face, indeed. was there in Pulau Pangkor exactly 6 moths back (it was on 17 - 18 Jan 2009).. but for a different reason, and wit different person. i dunno. i gez its all up in my head. if i let it take control - then i'll be in deep fuckin shyte. but if i wld be able to control my ownself - dammit, i know i am gonna be alrite.

woke up pretty late - i did some readin and more preps for the talk thang trow. i gotta tune down my jargons and such for the audience - tho from the medical background; they r all paramedics. after all - i aint gonna give a lecture-like nye talk pun. jst a simple 30mins bla-bla-bla and off i off the stage. i hope thgs gonna be jst fine. its been a while since aku last stand up and deliver infront of the freakin public. heh. had some self-made breakfast at home, one big mug of Nescafe, 2 smlall glass of OJ, a handful of pills - off aku dtg office. shall be leaving for Pulau Pangkor around 9am - wit Mail, Yusma and Mr Zul.

feel pretty darn tiring. pack up, unpacking, packin up, unpacking. heh. balik duduk rumah sehari dua, aku gotta be out of town again. and the house r left like.. i jst miss my idiotbox, my mtv, my BBC.

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