Wednesday, June 10, 2009

the outcome!

Its really to go. The menu minus air asam yg tak siap2 lagi. And all the minimonsters dah tak sbr2 looking at the menu. Damia siap b'tinggung arnd the ikan keli. Heh. And it smells good. Damn fcuking good. I cld swear to God i am goin to forget all my regimen, diet, Lipo6 watever not. And by the time u mght read dis, we r damn done. Finished. Msg2 dah tbungkang bwh kipas infrnt of the Ceria over the idiotbox.. (heh, damn u kiddos.. Ceria manjang!). And i hate to thk dat i gotta leave for Ipoh, swhere arnd 5pm.. Heh. Malas.
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