Tuesday, June 23, 2009

on my way..

Finally, after waited for about 2 hrs, the drive came and pick me up. Janji at 11am, then 12pm plak. Heh. But then, i am alrdy in Pajero now, heading off for Putrajaya.. I wonder wat i am gonna do there in Putrajaya since thgs nvr be same, like it use to be.. Theres so many thgs in my head now - a fren yg long gone suddenly come to a surface, thgs at work and i am missin s'one yet i aint sure if i am the only one who feel dis way..


artisticklytouch said...

jom lepak!!!! nice picture not very nice shades

jerry maguire, jr. said...

wah! Norma Norell sgt, kan! haha

:: NbC :: said...

Art, gimme 5..!

* x leh bising2 di FB, bising sini je lah