Sunday, June 14, 2009

no doubt..

finally i got my mind cleared. my path. my thinking. i wont be back on the same track again. i wont be torturing myself, for somethg i wish to hav yet i know the possible isnt there for me; at all. i wont be torturing myslf hoping for somethg i aint got no hope at all. but then - i am happy for wat it is, the way it is.. nbdy wld ever understand me -but its ok. i am not in ere askin to be understood. i know where i am standing, i knw wat to do - at least for now. i aint be losing anythg at all.. for it is beautiful in its own way. i am happy for it. i never feel so 'free' like dis before. i had my mind so clear dat i dun know how to put it into words. the feeling to be in love, and love someone who loves u back in return - is smthg i am gonna cherish for the rest of my life.

i am gonna hit MuMu alrite. i am gonna get all the sleeps i am losing all dis while. i am gonna wake up wit vegeance, for a brand new day.

i do miss it damn well. the looks. the moments. but its ok. knowin it is there alrite, in love wit life and thgs around it - and i am damn happy for it then.

wats else cld makes u happy - when someone u like, u love - is happy?


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:: NbC :: said...


*i'm happy for u, too.

looking fwd to see a new Shahe, i mean the old strong Shahe.