Friday, June 12, 2009


i came in to the office wit a feelin a lil bit groggy. i cant sleep last nite. i jst dun know y. i hate it when times like dis - when i hav to walk up and down, go do some hot milk wat ever not. i hate it when i have to lay still - tossing up and down beggin for mercy - so dat i cld close my eyes and hit the MuMuLand as usual. i was pretty darn tired, but i jst cant sleep. i aint sure if i had my mind stay quite in a place - but dammit, i cant sleep God sake.

woke up after the alarm screamed for coupla times - i swore like shait, walkin to the washroom. heh. i hate startin a day like dis.

i hope it aint gonna be a bz Friday afterall. heh - all the bishops r not gonna be around - so aint nbdy gonna turn dis Friday into another Fry-Day, God sake. be it - i wont let it be another dammit kinda Friday, hell yeah. i'll jst stay put in my room - do wat i hav to do, turn the music on, make so 'busy' faces. afterall - the stdnts r not in. i'll be at peace - i am sure i will.


i am not sure i am gonna do the rite thang or not. be it - i shall jst go for it. i am taking chances - while i can. i am gonna take the risk - be it wat ever it'll be become. the aftermath and such. i cant stand the thinkin to jst let it go, jst like dat. and i am not sure if i am gonna hav such chances - anymore, after dis.

God, bless me. gimme strength. i hope i aint fallin into the same old stupid lame shoes, all over again.

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:: NbC :: said...

it's not harm to give a try for any chances in front of u, but pls be extra careful with possible risk(s).

all the best..!