Tuesday, June 16, 2009

mornin, mr/mrs anon!

yeah - good mornin. hows sleeping? i wish thgs r ok wit u ppl out there. as for me - tho i think dat i am kinda lack of sleep - wakin up groggy and feel like kickin off the alarm clock outta window - i gez i shld be doin alrite. had my large mug daily dose of caffiene, aku off to work as usual. its a bright mornin. pretty cold and calm. i hope i am goin to hav a great day today. good thgs will come my way. and i dun hav to think all the bad thgs, the past dat will make me thinkin unnecessarily.

i smiled to myself jst now - havin dis comment from mr/mrs anonymous - like i used to. its been a while now. its kinda hurt - but nevermind. its jst human. he/she might be havin her/his own point of view in sayin thgs, in putting thgs into words. sometimes - we tend to jst let thgs out w/o further thinkin - sama ada it'll hurt others or not. of coz - i dont approve the comment in ere. i jst deleted it straight away. sir/ma'am - may be u forget - i put all the comments under moderation, before i even publish em all in ere.. and dats the best part of it, yeah. i mght be naive before. but i am learnin thgs alrite.

i am not sure how u categorised ppl - either or not ur smart enuff in life, either or not ur darn stupid and know nothg at all. so - if i din know how to fix thgs - wld dat make me an idiot? and pls - dun judge me jst like dat. u mght know me, met me - but it doesnt giv u a full ascess to jst say bad thgs like u did, to me. hav some mercy, mr/mrs anon.. if u dun feel like readin dis - jst click dat 'X' at yr sebelah atas kanan, and off u go. hate me if u want - i believe u got reason of doin so. and dats fine wit me. dis is my blog, i can say wat i feel like to say. i can write wat i feel to write. its all about me, alrite. i never say u an idiot or wat - and i do believe u shld not, too..

nvm. i wont take dat heavily. its a plain pain in the arse alrite.


~~ ms. libra ~~ said...

my dear abg...langau sebegini harus disembur dgn ridsect @ shieldtox!!! :)

jerry maguire, jr. said...

hahaha.. i wish i cld.