Saturday, June 13, 2009

moon, stars, nite skies..

the moon..

the stars..

the nite skies..

but then - wats the difference? and wats the thang do they hav in common? moon - shes a loner. but not all the time, indeed. most of the time - stars r around her. and make her proud. so-called 'bulan di pagar bintang' watever not. and stars - they r proud to be wit em all - a lot of em - the whole freakin gang. hard to tell they r a loner, i think. and the nite skies - sama ada or not stars or the moon around; nite skies will always be there. period. full-stop.

so the point is - heh - i dun knw wats the point is, indeed. i jst love em all. the moon. the stars. the nite skies. it makes me calm under em all. it makes me feel pretty damn less lonely - to think theres so many ppl out there, like me - under em all. and it makes me feel alrite - knwing dat i aint alone for liking all dis.

and to whom dis may concern - u know wat i mean.

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