Tuesday, June 16, 2009

makan, again.

lemme tell u ppl wat i've been doin for half of the day now - yeah, its a workin day alrite - i know.. (heh, stop telling me dat - i know i am workin!). since Ajak is around - i hardly contain myself.. i mean - erk, dun get me wrong.. i mean - i tend to jst let go.. as usual - kalo member2 ada, and kalo aku tak der keje sgt - aku jns follow je.. so - i think i've done a mistakes really. 2 mugs of Nescafe so far, heavy breaksfast and shait - i jst had my lunch jst now.. dammit. i shldnt. i know i shldnt. tp ko aarrr Ajak. gmapang arrr.. nak aku gemok, kan?

after done wit lunch - aku off to dis bengkel yg dok repair kete Ajak. he involved wit kinda accident - he off kissin some other van infront of him and got his car like.. heh, teruk la jugak. despite of havin his Grand Livina - Ajak was so into dis kinda car of his.. heh, tak faham la aku. i gez i never wld pun.

dis is Ajak's other car. dr dark olive green nanti jadik pearl white.
dah ok skang - at least dah nampak mcm kete. huhu

and dis is my car. yeah - my car.. i repeat.
will be out soon. red still. as usual.

watdya think?

*heh, yeah rite*

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looka80 said...

jm - nak naik ler kete merah itew..!