Saturday, June 27, 2009

life is..

i've been thinkin about dis - for ages. i wish i cld hav someone to explain it well to me. when we try to understand life, wit all its ramifications - it turns out to be darn so complex and baffling dat one's head begins to spin if we try to sort everythg out. i believe - theres so many thgs we do not know.. so many we fail to understand, so many dat seem to be unjust, or the result of mere chances. heh. dammit i aint sure of wat runnin about in my head now.

we know most of the thg well in life. we think we knew how the world goes around darn pretty well. we always think dat there is plenty of trouble and misery in the world around us now. in ourselves, too. but then - we tend to forget there is also plenty of good, indeed. and the fact is so obvious enuff. wat many of us not realise, however, is dat we r a living magnet - and we hav the power to attract towards almost watever we desire. hav u ever think about dat?

i remember readin somewhere regardin dis - somethg about 'Law of Attraction'. nah - it aint about how u can attract some kinda chics and bring em home. or tryin to get some nice chisel bod lad and get laid. far if i am not mistaken - Law of Attraction is dat "like attracts life" kinda thang. man like human magnet - draws to himself in likeness to his internal mental and emotional impressions - irrespective of sama ada they can be good or evil, constructiive or destructive.. it is true dat we can attract towards us all the good we want, the good we desire - only when we know how.. simple it sounds.

but then - i know it is true. dat it is equally true dat we can and do attract towards us much misery and unhappiness dat we do not desire - becoz we dun realise dat we r attracting it! heh. simple aye? now only we can see why it is so important to learn as much as we can about dis psychological law. nah - u dun hav to be damn hi-fi on it. its simple. even yr grandma knew it damn well.

i knw em well, i think. i do giv talks about dis too. advising ppl on it. etc etc.. but when it hits me alrite - i am hopeless. i dun know wat to do. i tend to be carried away and buried under all shyte.

gez wat - be it wat law it is, aye? its all in yr head.


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