Thursday, June 18, 2009


Done wit the thgs in the ofc., finally aku're set to go. Drive plak pi minum. So i was like a moron doin the lari-dr-rmh thang, tggu kat kete aku neh, wit all my bags, waitin for the transport. Aku hrp aku tak overpack. Aku lemah sgt when it comes to packing thgs for travellin. Mum selalu cmplain 'ni nape tak bwk whole wardrobe je, sng?' kinda thang.. Heh. Satu beg bju, small bag perkakas lelaki aku, shoe bag and beg lappy. Erm, mcm tlbey bwk je neh.. Argkh, mana driver aku neh!
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