Tuesday, June 23, 2009

LCCT; dinner.

dinner time. we went around for some better food outlets - dun ask me when and how - i aint belong in ere anyway. was thinking of goin to Bagan Lalang - one of the place i wanted to go all dis time; yet i din get the chance of doin so - but masing2 dun really know the where about. it jst dat 'rasa2 around in ere jgk kot' kinda thang. pusing2 - finally ended up kat LCCT nye food court. and it is Old Town White Coffee. kinda nice place - so so; yet packed wit ppls.

Tune Hotel. heh, tak jelas nampak.. since pakai kamera hp sajork.

yeah - read the above. i aint tellin a thang.

the cafe. pretty pack. and dat bro in blue tak abes2 dok pusing2 paler
tgk meja kitorang. heh - aku tak pakai baju ke?

the coffee, the cup. the saucer.
typical aye?

and its mee curry. so so too.. i shldve order somethg better
instead. it a bit too oily. biasa2 je.. i shldve ordered some
kinda sandwiches sajork.

dats for the day. nothg much - but pretty tiring. may be b'coz aku baru je baik demam.. or due too many thgs running around in my head, tonite. i dun wanna go into details. i jst need some peace of mind. and a good rest.

gnite, then.

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