Monday, June 15, 2009

lampu and the stars.

for the first time in life - aku fixed my lampu kalimantang - on my own. dah dkt sebln tak menyala, in dis bilik study. i know it sounds so moronic - but i am sooo not into all dis technical thang. tak reti sgt.. i remember like half of the yr back - aku called up one of my students to fix like.. 6 points lampu kalimantang around (in and out) the house, in one time. it was becoz lampu2 tu tak la penting mana sgt pun.. lampu tangga, luar dapur and such. and the most important thang - aku tak tau. jst tak tau..

heh. silly me. manakan nak tukar starter, howdya knw it was lampu yg rosak and such.. but tonite - again, i learnt somethg. i was thinkin the faulter was the lampu - gigih la pi Giant get a new kalimantang. balik2, fix nyer fix - tak nyala2 jugak.. then aku teringat - heh, cld be the starter la kot? aku cepek starter bilik lain.. and - walllaaaaaa.. it shines like a sun. heh.. dah kena beli starter lain plak ganti. and lampu lama tu - still bley guna actually. keji, kan? aku feel like a total jerk pun ada. so inadequate.


the phone aint screamin no more. period. not like it used to be. dulu - cepat sgt battery flat. and now - the battery can - surprisingly - can last for two days! ermm.. wats dat sign eh? another loneliness? pathetic.. i know. i know it is pathetic to measure ur pathetically in life by lookin at yr phone - sama ada it screams a lot, or not. heh. wat a measurement. but then - i was jst wondering. i remember kena kutok dgn member2 'ko berak bwk hp eh?' kinda silly thang like dat. hey - i did, indeed! so ur like wat? squanting there, doin yr thang, wastin ur time - better of filling it wit.. erk - somethg better, rite? like readin - some of ppl do dat. but me - handphone in my hand. yet nbdy knows dat. so wats the big deal, kan? unless the msges i sent smell like.. erk - shait, may be? heh.

but now - i hardly do dat. really really, no more. it is kinda miracle if i got more then 10 - 15 msges/day. i used to get dis mornin calls, morning SMS/MMS, lunch time, dinner time, nite wishes, missed-calls, voice-mails and many more.. and i aint gettin any now. i know it aint a big deal. but i jst get used to it damn much. dats it.
and erk - i miss dat, i think. heh - stop givin me dat lookin. i aint need no pathetic looks, or sympathy. or - watever.


theres so many stars out there - up in the nite skies, tonite. again - it is nice. wit a bit of windy.. i spent sometime in the porch lookin up. kinda miss dat moment yeah. wondering about thgs, ppl - somewhere, somehow - wat r they doin, under the same beautiful nite skies and stars.

i jst love stars. i remember while i was a kid - i told mak how i wish i cld be a star up there, alrite. heh. i am not sure y - but it brings calm in me, soothe me damn well. and dats the second best thg in life, beside beaches - for me. and yeah - bitches, too. wait a sec - dat one number berapa eh? heh. huhu

and one thg for sure - and i do believe in it well, too - trow will be a bright, sunny there, for sure!

gnite, fellas.


s0l0 m0l0 + sinGle minGle + s0rG s0rG said...

what a nice bedtime st0ry...


timtams said...

I lost your number, thats why I havent been sending u any goodnite sms :-p