Tuesday, June 9, 2009

the journey..

Finally aku leave Tumpat behind, heading to where i am belong. Its a long journey alrite, bt there a so-called urge in me dat makes thg alrite. Its a sunny day, wit few cars on the road. I am having dis Sarah McLachlan's Mirrorball Unplugged hooked up in both ears, all the way - making my mind and my soul sort of not in ere wit me, f6r the wandering all over places. I am not sure of wat i am thkg, bt then i knw dat once a while i was like holding bck some tears, try to contain myslf damn well. Dammit, i dun knw why - but i must admit theres so many thgs bottled up inside and it aint good 4 me. The life, the health, r'shp, frenshp all fucked up in one, leavin a darn empty hole in me, leading me to such cnfusion i dun knw wat to do. Its ok if u wanna put down some kind label on me, i wont giv it a flyin fuck alrite. I aint a verbal kinda guy, i aint good in put up beautiful words in line and say thgs out. So i write. I need to vent dis out, still. And i write. I am sori if u hate dis. I din xpct u to read dis shyte either. It do help to keep me a bit better. Then again, judge me if u must.. for it wont change a thang. Been thru dis road before, i knw i am gonna be alrite. I hav to be alrite. Life's aint about in deep shyte all the while. Life shld be better than dis, alrite. For at least, dats wat i do belive in..

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:: NbC :: said...

dun care what people say about u - u entitle for ur own style of handling things. U know urself better.