Wednesday, June 10, 2009

its hot!

And its remeh sgt. I'd suggest u to jst go to kdai mkn and get wat u need. In dis kes - ikan keli bkr wit air asam. Dis is surely not my thang. Kena set api dulu, taruk arang, kipas2, then susun ikan, asap and such. Heh. But then dats not the real matter. Its the togetherness, do thgs together, the laughter, the jokes and such. I was there bkn wat pe pun, jst lpk2, minum2 bg kembung prot, crack some jokes and gelak gulin2. And the rest adk2 aku je yg buat.. esp Soleh la. Aku mkn je tau. Dad, if u read dis - jgn mrh eh. Huhu

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Anonymous said...

ikan semilang bakar?
umm, never try it before