Friday, June 19, 2009

ipoh-lumut-pangkor (1st day)

masjid sri iskandar..

one of the 'left-over'.

finally reached Lumut Jetty around 12.15pm..
rayau2 jap, snapped coupla pics.

Terminal Jeti - much better now.

me and Mr Zul.

snapped dis one - a ferry sent off 2 pts in one trip to be referred to
Hospital Manjung, i supposed.

a doc., and paramedics. and a pt., of course.

Pan Silver Ferry - the one brought me off to Pangkor.


me. of course.

i gez u know wat it is..

dis aint a Virgin Mary. i am (virgin), yeah.


... pt.2 (malas aku nak tajuk weh!)

simple life, by the sea.

look at the guy doing the Titanic thang tu.. whoaa..

transporting kereta Shazharn to the other ground.

lovely, aye?

another one.

finally aku reached the hotel around 2pm la kot.
terus start keje.. penat giler.. tak sempat nak posing2. heh.

things yg Pengarah aku conteng on the white board during the meeting
aka briefing. aku tak pay attention sgt.. dok blkg doin my thang.. my body was screamin
of aching..



looka80 said...

jm - as always, lovely pix...!

jerry maguire, jr. said...

Looka - thanks!

Shah said...

Tetiber tersedak coz my name mentioned ere