Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day, abah!

Mohamed Sunar bin Abas Ali
(p/s; and his my dad!!)


God took the strength of a mountain
the majesty of a tree
the warmth of a summer sun
the calm of a quiet sea
the generous soul of nature
comforting arm of nite
wisdom of the ages
the joy of every morning
yr patience of eternity
the depth of a family need
- the God combined these qualities
when theres nothing more to add
He knew His masterpiece was complete
and He brought us u
and He called it - abah.


tho we never talk dat much
tho we aint dat close -
deep down i know u always do -
love us the way u do
and u take us
wit no condition at all.


u know i aint good at words
i always do stumbled each time we talk
i know ur hurt -
each time i asked for mak when i called u up
but abah -
trust me.. theres no man in the world like u
theres no man in the world dat i really love dis much
i am proud to be ur all-time-kid
and i am proud to hav u as my dad.

love u, abah.



:: NbC :: said...

psssst ur abah lg encem dr Along.

happy father's day Abah, eh silap, Pak Cik. ;-)


jerry maguire, jr. said...

Pinkie -

heh? really? fine!!

*merajuk mode* haha

Mie said...

Awak nih mesti Anak Abah. Haha
Both have same charisma. Anak Abah! Anak Abah!

jerry maguire, jr. said...

Mie - hahaha.. thank God bukan Karisma Kapoor.