Tuesday, June 16, 2009

gym. pasar mlm. and mkn again.

went to gym sharp at 4pm. someone was kinda 'terkejut' and out wit question like - 'heh, ni baru pkul berapa neh?'. yeah - 4pm. so? hahaha.. had a good work out - i wasnt in the gym for about weeks now - kinda miss the whole thang alrite. treadmill for 30mins., in various speeds; barbell flat bench presses, incline and decline bench, flat dumbell hammer strength presses, flat bench flyers and i am done for the whole thang.. 1hr 30mins. so - no jog. i skipped dat one alrite. dah cramp all over.

on the way back - singgah jap pasar mlm yg dkt sgt dgn rumah aku, yet aku bley kira dgn jari how many times aku've been there. pasar malam is a nice place alrite - tp aku ni jenis malas nak merayau2 sgt.. kalau nak sgt pi, start motor, terus cari apa aku nak and off aku go.. nak bergesel2, berlaga2 bontot etc.. heh. kalo best - then its ok. haha

ni le rupernyer pasar mlm area taman aku..
bley tahan ramai org, ramai yg lps ofc hr trus dtg cari mkn..

aku stood there lookin at dis bro., bakar jagung.. to buy or not to buy..
it is nice i know. sedap. but i decided not to buy after standing there about 3mins.

it reminds me of someone, really. jagung bakar. ermm.. :-(

and finally aku bought dis one. and soup daging.. dats all for dinner.
makan lagik! heh.

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looka80 said...

jm - pasar mlm? not my thingy. i dislike it cos org ramai. tak suka berpusu-pusu, berhimpit-himpit. rasa lemas sgt. tapi sesekali pegi gak. haha...!