Sunday, June 21, 2009

gym. army.

spent some hrs in the gym jst now.. i think around 2 solid hrs. i din go for a jog - so be tter off dat way. it was a fcuktastic first one hr, until the guy yg jaga gym to switch the song into somethg else - u gez wat? its Jamal Abdillah, God sake. now i know theres no such 'ada brader request lagu Jamal lar, abg..' kinda thang - for i was there - all freaking alone!! i wanted to say a word or two, but dammit - the guy so into shyte wit the songs. Gadis Malaya watever not. nope - Gadis Melayu. jst imagine. not dat i hate Jamal Abdillah - tho only my mum listens to him (sorry, mak!), but - hey! dis is a gym u sicko!! can u play somethg.. better, perhaps? i had dis serabot kepala hotak and becoz of dis, dat i hav to shove my Sony mp3 player rite into my both ears - and done wit the whole thang. shait. i am gonna call up the boss. wheres the fcuking promise? dis is aint yr dad's house, young man.. dis is a gym. G.Y.M - got dat. the boss gotta do somethg - or i off to another new one then. heh.

army's hot. haha..

enuff about the gym thang. its funny anyway. but its sucks big time too. btw - dis is the only thang yg aku beli kat Pulau Pangkor. erk - sorry.. no sotong bergula watever not.. i was erk - lupa. bley? haha.. i remember someone told me a quote - when a guy in dis kinda pants. haha.. it stucks alrite deep in my head. but dis is nice. kinda nice in it. its a 3/4 pants. theres a label wrote;

Inseam - 27-31in
Waist - 31-35in
Stock # - 8415-05-184-1351
NATO size - 7583/7989

can u believe dat? i mean - the last part. wow! NATO size!! MADE IN USA some more. heh - yeah rite. like i giv it a damn. i wont tell the price. jst dat i do believe it is just MADE IN BALAKONG, God sake.

again - does it matters? huhu

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