Friday, June 19, 2009

gnite, fellas..

i keep on thinkin about the past. its hard to travel down the memory lane w/o havin more butterfiles flyin around, messin wit yr feeling. i thank God i am not havin dis meeting at the other part of the island - i thank God for they r havin in ere in pasir Bogak - one of the lousy part of the island. nothg much in ere. not even a nice kedai makan to hang up.

strolled down the beach before dinner. a nice sunset. i wanted to jump in the sea - yet i dun hav anybdy wit same intention. so - there i am - jst doin some walkin along the shore and snappin some pics. i got more in the camera - yet enough la for today - malas sgt nak edit pic, upload and do thang.. and the above - was one of the pic yg aku amek ptg tadik.

my slot will be trow at 9am. mine is gonna be damn simple - go to hell wit others.

think i am hitting my MuMuLand now. i am missin so many thgs now - so many dat i dun know how to tell, whom to tell. the clock is tickin, and i know somewhere around trow - thgs gonna be.. different.

gnite, again.

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