Friday, June 26, 2009

fry-day yehaaa!

had a great sleepin last nite. tho aku tersedar around 3am for kilat and thunderstorm yg kuat sesagt - ujan yg amat lebat, aku had a great MuMu's indeed. woke up at 5.30am - aku terus had my lite breakfast, a mug of Nescafe.. and leave the house at 6.30am. heh - awal sesgt plak pagi neh. kalah those yg stay kat KL. hehe

i am back to the office after spending most of the time outta ere. kinda refreshin to finally be in ere, hav my arse nicely seated, and i dun hav to rush around doin thgs alrite. tho i still hav quite a number of thgs to be done before stdnts be back on dis coming 1st July - but for today, aku decided to lay back and do.. erk - nothg la kot. kinda blur. i mean - yeah, dat wld be an idiot kinda excuse - tp frankly speakin, aku not really in the mood to do thgs, today. may be aku shld siapkan keje yg lite2 sajork. most of the colleagues r on leave still - furthermore - its Friday.. heh.

below r some pics aku amek during the stay in Concorde Inn KLIA. lama tak petik2 kamera aku.. so dats wat i've been doin. i aint pro., jst one silly boi doin some experimenting.

the above.

and the curve.

finger (me).



the young. and the old ones..

end of the road

white. it is, rite?

i dun know wat it is.

do i hav to put all the captions?

do u see wat i see?
(u better do)

yr head.

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