Tuesday, June 23, 2009


i wanna talk about frenship today. about frens. the so-called a real fren; be there when ur up, be there still when ur down. the so-called frens too - want u to be there when they r down, fleet away when they r high; leavin u high n dry, high n low lookin for the meanin - of wat the heck is frenship really is, and wat the hell fren is for.

i aint good in dis. in fact - i aint sure if i am a good fren or not. but the thg is - aku treasure frenship. and aku love my frens for watever reason they r. and for wat ever they, for watever they do. but the thg is - aku selalu je 'terkena' wit dis so-called frenship thingy. when they need u, they'll be around. but when they r high, happy, got wat they need and wat they want - off they go w/o any trace. left u all alone - wonderin wat left behind. and suddenly they r standin infrnt of yr step, tellin tales. or the worst part is - they started blamin u yrself for every shyte goin on. and how is dat? God Lord, i hate when it happens. and it still happenin to me - tho i've learnt a lesson or two; darn well. and most of the time - aku jst mengaku kalo aku ada buat salah silap - for aku fikir dats the way it shld be. even if aku tak salah pe2 pun..

for whom dis may concern - u din do anythg wrong. tho times flew like shyte - ur still my fellow fren. we mght not be as close as we r before - but then, ur still my fren. cuma satu aku mintak - do learn a lesson well. w/pun ko dah kawen ke, dah ada bf ke, dah ada gf ke, aper sekali pun - dun ever turn yr butt to yr own frens, for u never know wat ur mght havin in future.. for life is so uncertain - u mght thk u'll hav watevernot ur havin now, but when ur stumble on yr face - then only u'll its too late for anythg at all.

i got no regret. i wont talk about dis anymore. ur still my fren. and i love u for wat ur, for who ur. let bygone be bygone.. and we hav to live life accordingly to wat life brings us.


Amazingly Azlynn said...
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looka80 said...

jm - i love and cherish frenships too dear.