Monday, June 8, 2009


i started to think dat i am kinda freak. idiot. i keep on looking at the handphone screen - hoping for somethg. deep down in the heart - i keep on tellin myself - there'll be nthg. but then, i jst cant help myself. i hate dis alrite. i am alrdy a fool. and dis cant help be any better.

mum asked me if everythgs ok. obviously - i do think she noticed somethg wierd then.



timtams said...

Mums ALWAYS knows.

s0l0 m0l0 + sinGle minGle + s0rG s0rG said...

waiting call 0r sms fr0m s0me0ne special but that pers0n never d0 that, rite???

Anonymous said...

r u ok?
sound weird.. :(

Ambran said...

tulah buang henpon tu.. mangsa teknologi sgt..