Monday, June 22, 2009

feverish, again.

i was hit by the fever, again. dis time around - i do believe i am lackin of rest and such.. i wanted to jst buy the medication over the counter - but then again.. wit Influenza A H1N1 segala bagai neh - makin me scared. so i off seein a doc., semlm after the dinning out. she said i am havin a mild fever wit abit of injected throat. she did ask me if i am havin dis generalised bodyache - but God sake i aint hav one (despite the bodyache coz by the weight lifting, la..). she prescribed me Syrup Dipenhydarmine, Lozanges, Bacampicillin and PCM. and off i go home. the fever wasnt dat bad until mid of the nite - where aku rasa sejuk sgt God sake.. and today - i am takin an EL (despite of havin an MC) for a day. i wish thgs gonna be ok by trow - for i gotta be there in PutraJaya by trow petang.

Ajak came in early in the morn., to pick up the report i shldve submit to AKI today. since i aint workin, theres no way i am gonna be there in the ofc, God forbid. Ajak pun on leave - he's still demam. i believe dat somehow - aku berjangkit dgn dia la kot.. since he was having fever back there while in Pangkor, and i was stayin wit him.. its ok la. ujian Tuhan neh. gtew.

i am goin to go downstairs, see i got for lunch. i'll gulp some medication, and off to MuMuland, again..

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s0l0 m0l0 + sinGle minGle + s0rG s0rG said...

same as me...
kena flu + bat0k2 + sakit tekak...
menci !!!~