Monday, June 15, 2009

double shait.

been called a short meeting jst now - its about dis coming meeting wit the LPs in Pangkor. apparently they r shortage of lecturers - since ramai yg still on leave. and gez wat - the Director wants me to present of somethg regarding 'Managing Stndts Clinical Phobia' - out of nowhere. heh. me? like - now? fuck. y dun tell me earlier. shait. i am goin to be a cold shait. argkhhh..


and i think i shld go back and change the pants. dah masuk 4 org tegur dah neh. malu siot. and imagine when a gal - my staff - was lookin at u and goes '
wow, shah!'.. aku tau dis suar cawat dia pendek sket. a bit booo-cut. it makes me looks like typical Chinese man out there. heh.


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looka80 said...

jm - i hv two pants of cawat pendek. i tak pakai pun sampai skang. segan cos bdn tak cantek...! hehe.