Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Concorde Inn, KLIA

reached in ere around 5pm - 3omins tersasar from wat my GPS told me. heh. its Concorde Inn KLIA. God sake - i never been in ere, i never knew theres a Concorde in ere, too. it was like way out of place, jin bersepak terajang sesgt. but then - who am i to complain. they arranged all in inclusive the hotel too, for me to stay.. so be it. but then - to think it again - better off stayin in KL sajork mcm neh. sini ke Putrajaya pun dah tax some time. but then again - dis hotel came in wit a pool, gym and such.. erm - kinda nice too - for a place meant for a genie then.

i aint sure wat to do. dis place kinda remote, really. gez i jst hav to stay put in the room, watchin idiotbox, laughing out loud wit Amed when the thang is not even funny pun. heh. or may be i shld kill time in the gym. or in the pool. or perhaps - tido je lah!

the entrance. nothg much ado off.

lobby. simple yet clean.

i love dis ikan kap.. theres a few number of em - besar2.
geli pun ada aku tgk. besar semcm.

Concorde Hotels and Resorts.

and the room. simple, not dat spacious. mine is the one yg
ada lappy itew..

i am sharing room wit Amed. my second time, it is. think i hav to bear wit him for the whole 3d/2n. i am pretty meticulous, neat (indeed) kinda guy. i need thgs to be in its place. and i need my washroom to be dry as it is, except for the shower lah. but wit Amed - heh, sabar je lah. yet again - dat aint a big deal alrite.

ermm.. i hope it is not.

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