Wednesday, June 17, 2009

cold mountain

accidentally catch dis Cold Mountain on the idiot box smlm. hate to watch it for some reasons; but it was so unbelievable dat i cld just sat there infront of the silly telly the idiot box, till the end of it. very touchin, indeed. great actin of rene zellweger (dammit - i jst love her.. all the way!), nicole kidman and jude law.. aku remember catchin it when it first playin wit someone kat Ipoh.. dat was a history. barely remember it, anyway.

i gez dats the way it is. life's not gonna be exactly the way we want it to be. life's unpredictable. life's full of surprises.. i dunno - somehow i kept on thinkin about the endin of the movie, up until now.

wat is up wit me, anyway?

heh - mornin, guys.

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@xiM said...

morning to you!!

not to forget-i love renne zellweger-she's a great actress!!