Monday, June 15, 2009

brand new day.. of the wk., yeah.

i am back to the office - wit tonnes of works to do alrite. i think i gotta finish up coupla thgs - today itself, before i gotta be outta ere, again somewhere within dis week. went to the admin office jst now - only to find dat the schedule will be darn pack for me wit travellin, meetings and ceremony to attend, up till end of the month. yucks. i know dis is sucks. but - hey, i got pay for all dis. it aint rite for me complain. yeah - rite.


i wasnt do anythg much last nite. i was roamin up and down - and finally i felt so darn boring and went thru my wardrobe room downstairs.. heh - gez wat i found? a bag - a shooping bag to be precise - wit 2 pants, 3 shirts, i tie, 1 belt yang yet aku open up from its bungkus alrite. heh - dammit, i cant remember when did i get dis for myself, God sake. must be months back i think. the shirts - thank God - they r still 'wearable' - hahaha.. i mean - still in the track of recent style le kot. stripes for work. and the pants - shait. i dun know wat i was thinkin during the shoppin time - i cant believe i bought em. and i am wearing one of it - now. it is like - longgar, a bit strange nyer cutting. but still - its for work. and gez wats the first comment i got - 'wow, u really got butt!'. and gez whom it was from? Mr Bong. shait!! i aint gonna wear dis, no more. especially when the stdnts r around.


i am gonna be in Pangkor - again. 18 - 20 Jun. i am not really keen of goin there.. i know its a nice place. but its hot now. and furthermore.. heh. remember when was the last time i was there? erm. but dis time around - it aint for fun alrite. i'll be there as a part of team handling dis meeting wit all the LPs (local-perceptors) all over Malaysia. Pangkor is a nice place alrite. heh - i gotta stop thinkin the problems - before it aint even there, rite? i am gonna be alrite, dammit.

23 - 25th in Putrajaya. there's a jemputan to Majlis Penyampaian APC Tahun 2008 Peringkat Ibu Pejabat KKM in Persint 2, Putrajaya. dat will covering the rehearsal and the actual ceremony. and gez where i'll be stayin? Concorde Hotel somewhere in Sepang. heh. all rooms in most of the hotels in Putrajaya dah penuh - and the kerani cldnt find any suitable rooms around. its kinda far from KL, eh? shait. wat am i gonna do there, then? merayau2 kat Alamanda? euw. again - i shld stop thinkin about all the shait - before it even come up to the surface, rite? dats wat dad told me.. *sigh*


i am lookin forward for a brand new day, brand new week wit brand new feelin deep inside. its the same old me -but wit new kinda feelin inside.

u never know how it feels.

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