Saturday, June 27, 2009


i did somethg yg dah lama aku tak buat.. went thru em all well enuff, dat it makes me feel like theres a big butterflies flyin in my tummy. it brings me back to the time - when the whole wide world as if belong to no one but me. sent out a msg - tho i know i need not hav to wait for a reply. there'll be one, if there'll be one. otherwise - i shld stop hoping for one.

i miss it dearly. i miss every single thang about the whole thang.. i miss it so damn much dat sometimes - it hurts me alrite. its an old same, old lame kinda story.. i know. but i need to go thru dis - and dis aint gonna be easy. its been a while, and i cant jst like lettin go within a sec.

i jst need some strenght.


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