Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Theres a lot of ppl around alrite - happy faces, words of congratulation r in the air, changing smiles and such. But i dun knw how to describe my feeling. Mak called me, and so forth abh. I aint hopin for any of em. But then again - theres a hole in between. Its ok. Dis is nthg. I am nthg. And dis is nthg to be much ado of. Yet then, it wld be great if i cld share it wit s'one, indeed. I cldnt help myself to feel darn lonely in the mid of the crowd. I knw dis is jst a feeling. A stupid feeling of mine..

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azab75 said...

aku merindu pada yang ada.. aku merindu pada yang kasih.. aku merayu padamu yang sudi merindu ku.. *siti nurhaliza* hehehe.. don't feel blue bro, we are here for you..