Sunday, June 21, 2009

..and its Sunday!

i had a good sleep indeed last nite. hit the crib around 10.30pm (i know its like a baby alrite) and i off to MuMuLand in no time at all - due to my tiredness - mentally, physically. and by the time i woke up by the alarn cube - it was already 6.30am - heh, lambat Subuh aku ari neh.. so, aku woke up, mandi manda, a bit of lite breakfast on my own wit big mug of OJ - off aku to Padang Polo aka Taman Rekreasi Sultan Abdul Aziz.. its my turn for conducting mass-aerobic dis time.. aku was not dat confident actually - its been ages since aku last up on the stage, leading the whole gang for the whole crowd. aku was wearing blue, for En Shahrani din mention anythg about the outfit - which turned out to be red. heh - thank God they did bring one red shirt which made me look the same - like other. heh. free meh!! huhu..

dis is where i spent my every Sunday morn., for the whole 7yrs now.
theres so many changes around in ere - the ppl, the environment end such..
cuma lately ni je - ever since aku quit doin clinical work and jumped into lecturing -
aku hardly find a proper Sunday for doin my thang in ere.. :-(

its a StarWalk Ipoh 2009, sempena Ulangtahun Bandaraya Ipoh yg Ke 21..
aku remember filling up the form, tp tak submit2 pun.. kalo tak, dah berlari2 anak
la aku kat Stadium Indera Mulia itewww..

jst look at dis Ah Soo.. dah tua, bongkook sabut lagik - still coming down to
do wat she shld be doin.. as usual - aku hardly see dat many Malays around..
bet they r still under the blanket. or at kedai mamak doin the tea-tarik thang. heh.

Padang Polo, at 7.20am.. isnt dat beautiful?

a group of senior - i bet they r alrdy done doin their thang - yet aku baru je
sampai around 7.15am.. pretty shame on me. and they r like - still.. fit! whoaaa..

morning sun.

me. in initial shirt - blue. after 1hr of aerobic, 1 hr of jog and
exercising. heh. aku was all wet. wit sweat o yeah.

erk - selingan sekejap. found dis tepi my car.
bijik saga. lama tak nampak, eh?

on the way back - aku drove slowly dpn SM Teknik and went thru my
old secondary school. well dis is it - SIS. was there for the whole 5yrs

and my great enemy - STAR. and all the STARians yeah. i remember
they did the catwalkin every Friday to my school for solat Jumaat.. yet still kekwat
sekor2. heh. perlewww keh? never tot i'd fall for one. heh.

on my back. Jalan Tambun. its already 9.30am in the morn., yet.. still.. i dunno -
i believe its the haze la kot.

the bukit batu kapur around my house, close to Sunway Theme Park.
i always get myself amazed, looking at all dis..

erk - tiber2. motif? :-(

its a nice Sunday so far for me. i am goin for a dinner tonite - wit a fren's family, its a Father's Day today, eh? i gotta call abah back at home, real soon. lupa lah.. i gez i will be the last one doin so.. errmm. and gym at 4pm today. i wanna be back on track - healthy diet, eat less, exercise more, more gym alrite. i gez i need all dis for i do think i am a lil bit mok-mok now, and i need somethg better to divert my bloody thinkin. channeling my negative energy - into the rite one.

hav a great Sunday, ppl!


s0l0 m0l0 + sinGle minGle + s0rG s0rG said...

0oo...budak SIS rupenyer...

jerry maguire, jr. said...

Solo - hehe..

s0l0 m0l0 + sinGle minGle + s0rG s0rG said...

dulu penah dtg kt SIS...2 kali...
pertandingan nasyid...

Anonymous said...

byk nye picturesssssss...