Tuesday, June 9, 2009

and finally..

...i am home. Wit my own folk. Mak, abh, angah and her fmly, cik and his fmly, me and Soleh incldg all the minimonsters. There is like 8 minimonsters arnd, wrecking the hse like - dats it, the hse is goin to explode. Aku tau abh dah mula pening wit all dis, bt he managed to keep his face calm and sweet. Theres a time bdk2 indu neh jumping like hell on his cozy kerusi mls - he was jst smiling smbel telan air liur. And bila cik leter2 his kids and anak2 sdara dia, abh was like 'tak pa la, bdk2..' whch is mmg x ikhlas sgt. Aku rmbr wat it wld be like if it was us his anak2 yg loncat2, sure kena tibai. Tak pun, kena kurung dlm bilik wit no dinner. Heh. I wish kak yang and her fmly's arnd as well. It'd d??finitely be more merrier, kecoh. Rindu plak kat my lil sister yg kepala gelong tu.. At time like dis, wit all the familiar faces - i cld really feel the loves are all arnd. I feel safe. I feel damn secure. And i feel like i am kinda free; wit no shyte at the bck of me.. How i wish i cld be like dis, all of the time..

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